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Chapter 1

It was March 2017, and I was about to close one of the biggest deals of my real estate career. This was a volatile deal. These particular buyers had already walked away from the negotiations four times, so nothing was guaranteed at the table, especially my seat, which was always the first to go.

When you are about to close the deal of a lifetime, you are scared to death and somewhat numb.  

Why? Because you know that at any moment, your life could change financially forevermore.

Or the shit could hit the fan and the deal could go right down the drain, along with you finally solidifying yourself as a top-dog agent in your market. Then you realize no matter which way the pendulum swings, you have to get up and do that shit all over again because you’re only as good as your last deal! 

My name is Bond, Jane Bond, and I am not a secret agent. I am a million-dollar agent! Bringing this book to fruition to share with others who are struggling, lost and stuck real estate agents is something I have been wanting to do for quite some time. 

If you are an aspiring, new or seasoned agent who wants to learn the who, what, when, and how to land your first million-dollar listing, then this is the book for you!

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What Our Readers Are Saying?

How ironic that the same week I received your book and read it in it's entirety, I also secure my first million dollar listing!!
I. James
Thank you for being so authentic in sharing your journey. I needed to read this. I have a new lease on this real estate hustle!
P. Williams
This book had me on the edge of my seat and I'm so thankful to have someone to look up to and pattern after.
A. White

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“It was adrenaline-pumping, funny, and motivational! She shares how she overcame her fears and rose to a top producing agent in one of the most expensive cities in the country, through determination. “

~R. Baez

About The Author

Jane Bond grew up in the inner city of Philadelphia. Growing up as a child, she always dreamed of being a boss, a CEO of her own company. While looking back on becoming a boss in several careers, she found real estate to be the most lucrative and rewarding. 

Jane Bond, owner of The Bond Agency, Diamond Key Service, works with entrepreneurs, career professionals, and individuals in the high-net-worth community generally. Her clients include celebrities, entertainers, and professional athletes, as well as many Wall Street finance executives. Working with clients who demand extremely high levels fo excellence from those around them requires Ms. Bond to bring her A-game at all times. 

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